You can sponsor our project through a monthly contribution. If this is what you would like to do, please, complete the enclosed form and return it to us via e-mail.

Link to the form

Some Sponsors assume the entire monthly contribution for one of our pupils or students; we have, however, several sponsors who share the monthly contributions of € 15 upwards; in this way the monthly costs of a child's education are shared by several sponsors.

SUNRISE highly appreciate and express their gratitude for any new sponsorship, whatever the amount, as for us the monthly contributions scheme allows us to more precisely forecast the incoming funds as well as it guarantees that we will be in a position to cover at least a part of the periodic expenses of the 32 children.

This being said as the sums received through sponsorships are generally not sufficient to cover all the costs SUNRISE will occasionally organise events (such as the sale of tickets for the Christmas Lottery and the Charity Events); the proceeds therefrom are earmarked for reducing the deficit resulting from the sponsorship contributions not covering all the expenses.