How does the NGO work?

The reason for our existence and our only aim is to provide and guarantee the health, education and the future of 32 children and youths in Ghana. These children aged between two and 19 years had been living previously in an orphanage named Trinity. Some of them are orphans and many of them could not, although they actually have a family stay with it because of the extreme poverty it was living in.

Following the closure of the orphanage in 2010 the decision was taken at SUNRISE to assume direct responsibility for these children in order to guarantee their daily sustenance and intellectual development by providing them with an opportunity to look forward to a decent future, to be able to live a life on the basis of what they can earn in the profession or trade which they choose to practice.

In order to achieve this, SUNRISE secured the services of Awo Boatema Abogaye, a professional social worker. Awo searched and found for each of the 32 children places in boarding schools. Since then SUNRISE's children are placed at a total of 16 boarding schools where they live throughout the whole year. In this way SUNRISE guarantees their upkeep, their daily care and their education. Awo has been working for SUNRISE ever since. She is a full-time employee of SUNRISE whom she represents locally, and she is at the same time tutor and supervisor for SUNRISE's children. For this work SUNRISE remunerates her with a monthly salary equivalent to the median Ghanaian salary. We consider it essential that the work of this social worker be remunerated as it is the only way in which we can ensure that SUNRISE's Ghanaian project is carried out professionally.

Among other things AWO is required to regularly visit which does with the help of Kobi, an employee who also works for the Summer Fostering Plan.
At least once a month we receive from Awo reports on the schooling results as well as on specific problems which may have arisen be it with the children, their families or their schools. Above all we require her to carry detailed accounts of every cent that is spent, duly approved and documented. Since her joining SUNRISE Awo has carried out all these tasks in an impeccable manner.

For the school holidays Awo is in charge of arranging for those children to stay with their family who have one. SUNRISE ensures their upkeep during their stay with their family during the summer months. Those children who, for whatever reason, cannot join their families during the holidays (be it because their families are no longer there or because their family's attitude toward them advises against it) spend the holidays in Accra in the care of Awo.

In addition to this activity SUNRISE has for several years organised the Fostering Families Plan which allow a part of the children to spend their summer holidays with a fostering Family. A few of the children have already stayed in several years with the same family - which to them is their "European family" - with which they have developed emotional links which, as we understand it are almost as important and essential for their development as is the education they receive in Ghana and which we at SUNRISE guarantee. For more detailed information about these programs which are organised during the summer months (July to September) please refer to the section labelled: Summer Fostering.