How does the NGO gets financed?

SUNRISE finances its project with sponsoring and donations, besides selling Christmas Lottery participations or organizing charity events, like the gala dinners in Bilbao, a yearly event since 2010. The costs of the summer fostering program are financed by the foster families.

With reference to the finances of Sunrise Africa, we want to offer absolute transparency for all the people that support or are interested in our NGO. Since the organization has a very clear target (guarantee a worhty future for 32 specific children), we control until the last cent of what we need to cover the necessities of these children and how the money is used.

Generally, the structure of our costs is the following:

Monthly costs:

  • School and university
  • Medical assistance
  • Transport, uniforms, books, cloths
  • Financial help to the families
  • Costs of the local employees

Current income:

Details of each of these parts of our finances are available for those of you interested and can be requested to the organization.

As it is logical, the people workling for the organisation in Spain, from Madrid, Bilbao and Tarragona, are volunteers and do not get paid for their activities. On top of that, all of us are sponsors of the NGO, in line with our possibilities and in the cases it turns out to be necessary, in a common effort, we cover the financial shortage that can threaten the existence of Sunrise.

In that sense, the current crisis we are all suffering has forced several of our usual sponsors to put a stop to their contributions with a strong effect on our finances and organisation. That's why all of the volunteers are concentrated on every possible way of finding sourses of financing in order to reach the necessary amount to cover the costs of our project.

We are convinced to be able to overcome this difficult time and to carry on offering the opportunity of a worthy future to the 32 children that are the heart of our organization.