Sunrise Africa: our reason of being

Our principal aim is to help 32 Ghanaian boys and girls to shape their own future, their life, a hope.

At SUNRISE AFRICA we want to offer them this opportunity because by their ambitions, their drive and resourcefulness they have proven to be capable. A REAL opportunity! It is not enough to just cover their basic necessities without enabling them to develop their potential.


Our project aims at providing assistance to the children by:

  • Covering all the children's needs as regards:
    • Food
    • Health
    • Education
    • Clothing
    • Care (by enabling them to spend more time with their families as well as through the Summer Hosting Scheme)
  • Provide assistance to the children's families by way of:
    • Arranging for medical assistance
    • Arrange a micro loan to enable them to lead a decent life. They will have to fight for this micro loan for which they will have to present a definite project which has to be viable.

The objective is that it be through THEIR EFFORTS that they shape THEIR FUTURE. THEIR EFFORTS combined with our assistance; but they will have to put in their share.